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Iosifina Dimitra Tsimpogianni

“Iosifina Stars” is the proud creation of Iosifina Dimitra Tsimpogianni. The company brings unique pieces of jewel and selected accessories that combine elegance and simplicity in an uplifting way.

She graduated from the Hellenic Technological Center for Leather Design “EL.KE.DE.», specialized in shoe design department in 2000 and began to present her first collections in 2001.

Her creativity became obvious from an early age and soon she was able to design and materialize her inspirations. She finds inspiration by inhaling the surrounding beauty of everyday images, sounds, tastes, moments. Fascinated by the uniqueness of her materials, the colours, the textures, she embodies her creativity in unique handmade designs. Each one is made as if it’s the only one, ever.

Not long after, she unfolds her creative flow abroad, supplying with jewellery and handbags selected local stores and the global market too.

Presently, she is located in her studio in the southern suburbs of Athens assembling her team and upgrading her premises.

Defined by quality and finesse, “Iosifina Stars” products carry an energy that cannot be described, only experienced.

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