“I believe that style is based on the accessories” Iosifina

Iosifina Ciboyanni is a Greek designer, based in Athens. Having done her studies at Elkede Technology and Design Center (shoe & leather goods design) she started her own story, based on jewels creations!

“My jewels are my stars – each one is unique!’ Iosifina

Established at 2014, “Iosifina” presents you a number of accessories (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings & key chains) which includes her individual and creative way of expressing personal aesthetic ideas. All products are handcrafted and very unique, made at Iosifina’s studio located at the South part of Athens. Iosifina is creating inspired pieces filled with therapeutic energy.

“Beauty is a Quality of the Soul”. Iosifina

Her own personal path led her to build a strong inner relation with herSelf which literally skyrocked her Creativity and allowed an innate talent to emerge: Iosifina’s unique ability is to receive from Heaven the soothing healing power of Beauty and to imbue it directly into her jewels.

“Each one person in my team is an individual talent” Iosifina

Minimalistic design full of simple geometric lines, reflecting remarkable talent of this young designer is displayed at each item! Her latest collection’s distinguishing features are genuine leather, metallic leather details, fox fur, hardware silver tone claps, pearls, multi colored pearls and metal embellishments giving an air of luxury, chic and unique individuality.

“Unique creations are made for unique people”. Iosifina

The Story Behind The Brand

The aim of the brand is to produce unique jewels for the special everyday outfits, filling all fabulous moments of every customer’s life! “Iosifina’s” mission is to touch every person’s heart and style, through her unique pieces. Following the vision of the brand, a young designer Iosifina Ciboyanni is able to create a healthy workplace for talented people in Greece, to spread her ideas and their abilities all over the world.

Following “Iosifina’s” jewelry life-way, you could enjoy a two main collections through the year ( Autumn/Winter & Spring/Summer) and two capsule collections (Resort & Pre Fall). In case you feel the need to have an individual contact with the designer, custom made jewels could be made upon request